Giving voice to Lily Clairet . . . and everyone else, too!

An audiobook for Lily Clairet, Vol. 1 is now in production!

. . . . . .

Also, the audiobook for Lily Clairet, Vol. 1 is now complete!

It will be available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes!


The audiobook version of Lily Clairet, Vol. 1

. . . . . .

Also, the manuscript for Lily Clairet, Vol. 5 is now complete!


The announcement for Volume 5’s completion, made on Twitter

It’s been something of a week for me. In the span of a few days, production of two major releases for the Lily Clairet light novels have been completed. I can never be called prolific, but for a few hours, I can pretend to be Stephen King on a bad day. Now I just have to keep this up for 52 years straight. And also become a good writer.

For the audiobook, it’s been edited and prepared for immediate publication. Clocking in at just under 9 hours, it now requires passing of Audible’s internal quality control checks before being released on its and its partners’ storefronts. Being my first audiobook with quite a few cogs to roll through, I’m hopelessly uncertain how long this process takes, but since I vowed to begin casting the 10th tier Arthurian spell called <Marketing> this year, here I am trying my hand at the black arts.

On the paper (and digital) front, the manuscript for Lily Clairet, Vol. 5 will undergo two editing passes before being released on the usual marketplaces. While it’s being edited, it will also be illustrated by Rumikuu, who I have to thank for each and every copy sold.

I’ll write up a dedicated tea time post regarding volume 5 once it’s closer to release, including a preview of the cover and a snippet or two of something else.

Speaking from the heart

Auditions for the role of Lily Clairet (and Sanae Kaneko, Kaede Satake, Natsumi Nakazawa, Kizuna, Yumi Yukihara, Emiko Hisakawa, Hina Hinata, Miss Miyakawa, Student A, Student B, Bored Counter Girl ….) took place just before the summer. While it’s long been my intention to get an audiobook out, it was something I put aside until the publication of Lily Clairet, Vol. 4, which remained my priority. Volume 4’s publication in May allowed me to move forward with the production of this audiobook.

I remain hugely grateful for the wide interest the role of Lily Clairet (and everyone else) attacted. Listening to each and every audition was an unforgettable experience, not least because this was my first time hearing other people’s reading of the characters.

The standard of submissions was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Despite this, the voice I chose cleanly stood out for how uncannily it matched the one in my head.

Savannah Rivers is a highly talented actressed based in California. Her conversational reading of Lily’s stream-of-consiousness style of narration combined with her magnificent acting of every character impressed me to no end. I’m pretty sure I could have thrown in the extended cast to My Fair Lady and she’d still be able to give everyone a distinct voice. Throughout the recording process, very little prompting was needed for her to be able to articulate Kaneko’s mischeviousness or Hisakawa’s world-ending fury to a tee. Although I’m new to the world of audiobook production, I feel certain that my utterly seamless foray into this industry is by no means standard.

In the end, I can only hope that the words on the paper does justice to the depth of Savannah’s voice.

The audiobook for Lily Clairet, Vol. 1 will be released in the near future. Please keep an ear out!